Beauty Essence

The true essence of beauty is who you are inside. The actual building blocks that make up who we are, are the words which make us. You can never know a person until they speak, the content of the expression of their speech is a true revealer of any person.

Living in a world where what meets the eye has become almost the ultimate to what is, can be quite misleading. While looking good and appearing good is important, may we not forget the true essence that makes us who we are-words. May our words be seasoned with love, hope and a fountain of life uplifting to its hearers.

True beauty radiates from the soul outward, which is what truly matters to God. It transcends beyond skin colour, tone, facial features and shapes of our nose. Most of us might have been bullied for one thing or the other of how we are appear for instance but our true power lies in embracing and accepting who we are, which makes us bold and confident allowing the true essence of beauty to be expressed in and through us without any walls or hindrance.

The most beautiful and attractive thing about any woman is her confidence and her believing in who and what God has made her. So today when we lift our make up brushes working our way on that most beautiful canvas to achieve that desired look on our faces may we remember that the true essence of beauty transcends beyond that which meets the eye, that when we smile may we smile from our souls and never forget to shower others with kind, uplifting and inspiring words as they are captured away with captivating facebeat on us. Whilst I am this beautiful outside I am just as gorgeous from inside too, where the true beauty comes from. And words are the best way we can express our inner beauty. Than you so much for reading. Have a lovely and productive day ladies.

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