About Founder

Dr Andile Molokomme is a versatile young leader, who is passionate about the youth, nation building, leadership, mentorship and beauty amongst other things.

At age 26 she has well established herself in the medical, philanthropic and business spaces. She is a qualified medical doctor in practice. She obtained her medical degree at the age of 23 from Sefako Makgotho Health Sciences University, with a final year average of 70% on record time. She has since served the community of North West-where she launched her Beauty brand-Andi Beauty. A brand she says is for women and by women, that seeks to see each woman living out their God given purpose and calling for their lives. With a mission to empower women all over the world to cherish, recognize and exude the true essence of beauty; no matter their cultural background or origin.

Beautiful beyond limit she says, every woman is. Her passion for beauty can be traced as far back as her campus days-where she taught herself the art of makeup while making extra income from it. From selling beauty products on campus she was inspired to launch and have her own brand one day. Two years into her medical internship training was Andi Beauty brought to light and has been exponentially growing and expanding ever since. From local sales to international distributors there is no telling how far big the company will be in the near future.

Her personal joy as far as women and beauty are concerned is them knowing that they are already beautiful, long way before lifting their makeup brushes. For woman to enjoy the art of makeup, without having it as a shield or camouflage but in its purest form.

Within just a year in operation Andi Beauty (PTY) Ltd has managed to sponsor most of her high school campaigns and outreaches which she carries out through Phenomenal Young Persons (NPO) of which she is CEO of as well.

She also holds a distinction certificate in community journalism from UNISA (2016) and has been a faith columnist twice at Move Magazine and written a couple of articles for online magazines both on faith and medicine. 

Dr Andi is a devout christian and is committed to her calling and ensuring that all man come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as we await His Coming.

She wishes nothing but love, joy, growth and fruitfulness to all the company's clients. Happy shopping. 


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